About Us


We are Esteban and Jeroen from the magnificent city of Ghent in Belgium, and this is the Catlets story.

We are two Cat lovers, and we wanted collars that match our cat’s personalities. Having found no worthy substitute at cat shops, we thought “Why not create them ourselves?”
As users of crystals, we thought that it would be perfect to add them to the mix too. After many different tries and designs, we created the first two Catlets for our own kitties. These were unlike anything we or anyone else had seen on cats, and people couldn’t stop complimenting them and asking us where we got them from. That was our lightbulb moment.

Fast forward two years and here we are, spreading our love for cats and bringing them beautiful pieces of joy with each handmade Catlet.

So look around and we’re sure that you and your cat will find something perfect.

At the start of 2020 we were blessed to cross paths with Cattery Celebrity. When we saw her purrfect cats and pictures it was love at first sight! Now her cats are our official cat meowdels and we are an official @cattery_celebrity sponsor. Besides her wonderful Instagram page, she has a cattery in Antwerp. This catlover has a big heart for cats and as you may have noticed on our website British Shorthairs are her core business. The wellbeing of her cats and cat adopters are the highest standard possibe! Right now she’s in training to become a diplomated cat groomer, so keep an eye on her!


 Love from Belgium.