Best practices

The Catlets are handmade cat jewels.
We advice you to act responsibly, you know your cat better than anyone.
It is rare, but if you see that your cat does not enjoy wearing it and tries to take it off, listen to his/her wish. You can try a second time, but if your cat insists, please take it off. You can give it as a gift to another cat or you can return it to us within the first 14 days. 
Because if your cat does not like wearing it, he or she will try to take it off an may eventually damage your handmade Catlet.

The Catlets are of good quality but keep in mind its just made of waxed cord. So if your cat put his nails into it and try to scratch it of, it is possible to break, especially the little cords with gems on it.

We dont advice you to let your cat outside with the Catlet.
This is again depending on the context and the cat.
We have two cats, one of them keeps his Catlet when going outside, because he never climbs into trees or bushes, he likes to being lazy in the garden.
But our other cat is adventurous and climbs high in trees.
He once lost his catlet by going outside.
So our advice is to not put the Catlet on for outside.

The guarantee lasts 14 days after arrival. 
Please follow our advice for the best expierence. 
If your cat does not like the Catlet, please do not force it on him/her.